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Create a revolution in the meat flavor through the Wagyu Akaushi Full Blood breed.

Originally from the prefecture of Kumamoto, south of Japan, Akaushi is one of the four Japanese breeds that make up the Wagyu cattle.

Akaushi is distinguished from the rest of the Japanese cattle by differentiating features in their genotype (superb genes) and phenotype (the apparent features) . For example, Akaushi generates part of its marbling by eating grass, naturally, in the fields while the other Wagyu get their marbling by feeding on grain in the stables.

WAGYU Fullblood

Also called the Emperor Race.

Our cattle's DNA-verified full-blood Akaushi genetics, descends directly from a Japanese Champions lineage and original breeding group that traveled from Japan to the United States in 1976 & 1994. The reason we choose Akaushi cattle is simple.

Of the four Japanese Wagyu breeds, Akaushi marbles the most naturally and abundantly–meaning there's an excellent dispersion of fat within the lean, leading to a vibrant taste profile and velvety texture. Not to mention … Undertones of a sophisticated and buttery flavor you can't get in any other cuts. 

We understand that quality begins with genetics, and that's why we strive to maintain unparalleled standards in every aspect of our operation. We stand out by basing our genetics on renowned champion Japanese bulls. Among them, we are proud to have direct offspring of the illustrious champion Rueshaw.

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We are here to change the way you think of wagyu Beef.

We only harvest happy cows (females) that have spent anywhere between 8 to 12 years munching grass, packing on muscle, and developing layers of buttery fat. Our cattle has a minimum feeding of 550 days, based in 30% fresh fruits and vegetables, this in order to reach as a result a BMS 8-9.

Like a fine wine, our cows get better with age. And the resulting harvest is out of this world: luxurious marbling, with an earthy, developed grass-fed flavor. An unforgettable, distinct eating experience. 

The extended life of our Wagyu cows allows for a more intricate marbling pattern, resulting in an exquisite melt-in-your-mouth texture and a richness that captivates the senses. Their maturity ensures a nuanced taste profile, with each cut embodying the culmination of years of careful cultivation.


Taste is one of the main characteristics by which customers identify us.

Our endless pursuit for excellence further manifests in the fact that we choose to dry-age our beef on the bone. In other words: we hang the whole carcass in our state-of-the-art fridge for a minimum of 30 days, where the moisture in the meat is allowed to escape. Evaporation shrinks the meat–concentrating its flavor as it softens in texture.

The proteins and fats go through an enzymatic transformation as well. Both of these elements, the concentrated flavor and the tenderness brought about by the dry-aging process, cannot be truly replicated otherwise. 



Here at INTOKU, we believe that great steaks come from the mature cows.

That's why we're going against the grain and our customers will enjoy a steak that has been grown for more than 12 years.

Our obsession in producing only cuts, burgers and ground beef of excellent aroma and appearance with a beautiful, melting, soft buttery texture sees us adhering to the highest standards in everything we do. It all requires a ton of hard work, teamwork, and commitment. That's for sure. We believe keeping close to our founding philosophy of 'doing good in secret' offers a far superior eating experience.  

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No other program is creating an evolution in flavor and tenderness like INTOKU.



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